Our Roots


Delicious, local, and sustainable food is all around us. We created way to incorporate more vegetables into our daily diets, balance meat consumption, and support our local farmers. We simply did this by combining premium grass finished ground beef with real whole vegetables to create a more sustainable, nutritious, and delicious alternative to conventional beef.


- It's All Connected -

By working with farmers and producers who follow sustainable regenerative agricultural practices here in the Pacific Northwest, we are reversing climate change by restoring our top soils, promoting diversity of agricultural crops thrive, and inspiring a new breed of diverse and sustainable farming.

Every 1lb of Omnivore Beef Saves


- You Are What You Eat -

Our recipe was crafted by real chefs, nutritionist, and sustainability experts who hand-selected each wholesome ingredient for it's taste, nutrition, and environmental impact. We create just and wholesome food for our families.


-The Good Stuff-

Created from Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef that graze on native Pacific Northwest grasslands and are never fed hormones or antibiotics and Whole Non-GMO Vegetables. It's that simple. There is no need to justify a complex ingredient list or the need for allergens.

It Takes Two

- Chef's That Is... -

Dedicating your life to creating quality food is no piece of cake. Thankfully our founders are Gabriella St. George and Walker Alvey, two professionally trained chefs from The Culinary Institute of America with background in Culinary Science, Nutrition, and Sustainable Food Systems. Their mission is to enrich our world and lives with good food.

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